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Executive Committee | Housing Research Centers

Executive Committee

Andrew McCoy, Virginia Tech
Phone: 540-231-3993
Email: apmccoy@vt.edu

Vice Chair for Research
Isabelina Nahmens, Louisiana State University
Phone: 225-578-0943
Email: nahmens@lsu.edu

Vice Chair for Technology Transfer
Andrew Carswell, University of Georgia
Phone: 706-542-4867
Email: carswell@fcs.uga.edu

Vice Chair of Administration and Treasurer
Tom Kenney, NAHB Research Center
Phone: 301-430-6246
Email: tkenney@nahbrc.com

Ali Memari, The Pennsylvania State University
Phone: 814-865-2341
Email: emari@engr.psu.edu

Past Chair
Dr. Joseph Laquatra, Cornell University
Phone: 607-255-2145
Email: JL27@cornell.edu

Sam Taylor
Phone: 443-253-9214
Email: samuel.taylor.sr@gmail.com

 CURRENT WEBSITE - click here

 The "current website" is the official website.  VA Tech began the development of a revised website which is currently a very preliminary draft development site.

This is an alternative development website for the Consortium which requires further design changes and additional content.  Also, the Joint Committee on Building Science Education organization and website, which the Consortium is hosting, needs further development.  The Consortium and Joint Committee websites will then be reviewed by members and key stakeholders.  Following incorporation of persuasive comments, the websites will each be assigned an administrator and launched.  The revised Consortium website will replace the "current website" and adopt its URL. The tentative date for launch is about April 20, 2013 – however, that depends on the availability of Consortium members to conduct the reviews and programmers to make needed coding changes and transfer the URLs.